Yes, we can connect to both the system through API provided there is a common identifier between the two systems for Spade to identify a CRM interaction with its related call. Logic, can be built based on data from CRM such as call driver and using the identifier we will identify the call in the logger. We have implemented auto sampling with other clients.

Generally, we run the API once a day to fetch the previous days details. This can be mutually agreed.

Yes, example Vital few, reason for call vs audit count vs audit score vs fatal error, Top & Bottom Agents and Their areas of improvement, Team Benchmark, Performance Benchmark. We have a list of 30 reports which we can share during implementation and customize as per requirement.

Sampling can be automated based on the rules you have defined after getting the connectivity with CRM/logger. Additionally, manual upload is available at auditor level if required.

Yes, by changing the sampling logic you can audit different categories.

Current export is in .xls can is support by OpenOffice. ODS can be added if required.

Not clear on the question but if you have any customized scoring we can work on implementing it and also create any customized dashboard.

Yes, you can upload an excel template into the system and the rest is taken care by Spade such as active, inactive agents, team changes etc.

No, they cannot but if it is special audits such as Long Call Analysis we can have a different input template configured.

Yes, you can it can be changed in sampling configuration

Yes, once you click on the “feedback given” checkbox you will get an option of add comments.